Eating out in Megeve

Megève is the jewel of the gourmet Alps, the restaurants are many and varied, do not hesitate to come and discover them.

The traditional restaurant of the farms of marie

A place with a rustic chic Savoyard decoration.

A kitchen with fresh and worked products.

Do not miss the dessert buffet.

My Father's Farm

a typical atmosphere with bold and generous homemade recipes.

Nano Caffé Megève

A craving for pizza, an Italian dish!

Located on the Place du Village.

Recipe for cooking

A typical Savoyard dish to discover or rediscover: the Savoyard farcon!
-1.5 kg of mashed potatoes-300 g of prunes-1 tablespoon of flour-2 eggs-33 slices of smoked bacon cut very thin to line the mould-sunflower oil for lining the tin-1 tablespoon of double cream-Pepper and salt (not much as the smoked bacon is already salty)
Grate the potatoes and put them in a colander, pressing them dry.
In the meantime, oil the stuffing tin and line it with slices of smoked bacon, which should protrude from the tin so that they can be folded over to enclose the mixture.Remove the stones from the prunes, which should remain whole.In a bowl, mix the grated and pressed potatoes, prunes, flour, egg and cream.Fill the mould with slices of smoked bacon.Fold in the slices of bacon and add more if necessary to enclose the mixture.Bake in a bain-marie at 180-200° for 4 hours.
"Bon appétit".